UCLA’s Solid Gold Sound Needs An Update

This might not be high on everyone’s list but go ahead and Google anything referring to the top collegiate bands of all time, the top ten, etc…go for it…i’ll wait.images

Isn’t it funny that in all of your results you’ll find multiple results for names like Ohio State, University of Texas, Southern University and even our heated rival, USC.
Now, I’ve attended many football games since my college days at UCLA and, truth be told, I didn’t pay much attention to our band.  Maybe it was because my hopes for anything more than mediocrity on the football field for anyone with the initials UCLA blazoned across their chest were dashed more often than not (I got to UCLA in 99, so I pretty much ruined football with my presence).
However, with the resurgence of UCLA’s football team (thanks Coach Mora), I along with other fans, have come to demand more.  More wins, improved facilities and more national respect. Well, with all these new demands and corresponding improvements, I would like to add something to the above list…a better marching band.  There, I said it, it had to be said.  For too long I’ve had to sit through monotonous halftime shows listening to the “Solid Gold Sounds” of a band that has so much potential but has never shown it on the field!
Take this lovely example:
Oh, the precision and sound…blah, blah, blah.  Where is the energy, pizzazz and enjoyment of striving for more creativity?  Think I’m too harsh? Take a look at this clip from THE Ohio State (OSU) marching band:

Did you see that??? They just did a melody of some of our most beloved video games!  What about this little diddy:

They did a moonwalk on the freaking field!!!

What’s the excuse for not doing this? Ohio State is a public institution just like UCLA. Is it lack of money? NO, we have a lot more nowadays (thanks PAC 12 Network).  The real reason is that our current leadership team is just resting on their laurels.  We have skills, resources and talent to do an even better show than the one shown above.
Want examples from other schools??
How about the school across town… USC’s Spirit of Troy on stage with freaking Fleetwood Mac:
Our cross town rival has been the go-band for Hollywood for far too long. They’ve been in movies, played for eight US Presidents and even played on Fleetwood Mac’s album!!!!  We are the dominate football team in Los Angeles and I want our band to mirror our success.
I think I’m being reasonable; I’m not asking for world class shows like that of Grambling State University:
That’s impossible
I just want…no, I just know we can be better
– @billbruin

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