What’s Bruin UCLA vs Virginia Predictions!

Hello Bruin Fans,

During Episode 70 (which will be published on Wednesday) your intrepid hosts made their predictions for the UCLA vs Virginia Game. Here they are:


I expect Virginia to bring a lot of pressure  for this game. However Josh Rosen will be a good game manager and allow the Bruins superior talent to take over. Its going to be a big blowout for UCLA.

Score: UCLA 42 – Virginia 14


I really don’t think the Virginia offense is equipped to score points against the Bruins, and I think they will have a tough time, but I do think the UCLA jitters are going to be there. Even though the Virginia defense is inexperienced, they are still Power 5 conference athletes, and Josh Rosen is a true freshman. He is going to have butterflies and I hope those butterflies come out in the opening game and then evaporate after that.

Score: UCLA 17 – Virginia 6


I am dead serious about this prediction. The Cavaliers lose a lot of players on defense and will not be as potent as last year. The Bruin defense, with new Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley, is even scarier this year. Why would UCLA Football not shut out Virginia?

Score: UCLA 35 – Virginia 0


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