New UA Gear Makes UCLA Fans Bleed Green

I don’t want to sound like a stingy human being for what I’m about to discuss, but what I saw when I perused my alma matter’s newly minted Under Armour(UA) athletic apparel, I was truly upset.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I have not been the only UCLA student who has had to be frugal with financial aid and delay gratification, especially when it came to purchasing school apparel.  That’s why it came as a shock when I looked at the cost of a UA hoodie and saw the $115 price tag!  I know that there is a “cheaper” $80 version, but it’s the principle of the matter.  College tuitions have risen 55% nationally since 2015. How can you ask students/parents to pay $115 for a hoodie while simultaneously having to pay more to earn their degree?

Maybe I’ve been out of school too long to see that this is simply inflation, and I should just deal with it? So, I took a quick glance at some other official college apparel websites and surveyed their average cost of school-branded sports apparel to make sure. Here’s what UA, Nike, & Adidas offer:

Sure enough, UCLA charged the most for their hoodie!  Now, to be fair, I think it’s highway robbery for a hoodie to cost $70-85; but compared to $115, that seems downright reasonable!  I don’t know whose decision it was to charge that price.  However, if it was UA, then their latest quarterly earnings report might be a little karma coming back to bite them on their backside.

Once again, I decided to take a quick glance and see how well Under Armour was doing.  Turns out UA isn’t doing too well lately!  In fact, they’ve lowered their profit outlook for next year and also presented a restructuring plan to become more efficient due to sagging sales .  Maybe if they reduced the cost of their UCLA apparel, they could turn their fortunes around…

Ok, probably not, but I’d really like to buy a new hoodie without giving them my arm AND my leg.



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