Episode 139 – Texas A&M and Special Guest Danielle Alvari

The season is finally ready to get underway, and the boys go into FB mode with The Game That Will Be, Eye on the Enemy, and Pac-12 Talk.

They also had the pleasure of welcoming Danielle Alvari onto the show. Danielle is a former UCLA Cheerleader (featured as the Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the week) and an Emmy nominated Sports Broadcast Journalist. She hosts the Two Minute Warning every Tuesday (see it here), and you can see her reporting on games from the sidelines and bleachers all over California.

We are super pumped about the season! Check out our picks for UCLA vs Texas A&M this Sunday at the Rose Bowl:

Jake – UCLA 31 Texas A&M 14

Bill – UCLA 35 Texas A&M 13

Mike  – UCLA 28 Texas A&M 14

Danielle – UCLA 28 Texas A&M 14

Shocker! We’re all homers. Go Bruins.



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