Episode 140 – The Biggest Comeback in UCLA History!

In Episode 140, the boys take a whole lot of time talking about the greatest comeback in UCLA Football history!!!

How did the Bruins come back from 44-10? Is the Bruin running game still garbage? Did the Aggies give the game away? How porous is that UCLA Offensive line?  Jake, Mike and Bill poured over the game so you don’t have to! The answers to all your questions lie within Episode 140 of the What’s Bruin Show!


… and here are some pics for reference…

When Jake is talking about A&M loading up against the run, here is what he means (it looks like 7 defenders, but the two D Linemen at the bottom of the screen are actually 3 players bunched up). On this play the Bruins are just outnumbered.

Here is another example; I formation, all 11 offensive players bunched up allows A&M to really pack it in:

Its week 1 of Ameoba 2.o, so expect the adjustments to come.



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