Eat It Jamaal: Ballpark Edition


If you listen to the What’s Bruin Show (of course you listen that’s why you’re reading this), you know I’m a huge sports nut.  In a calendar year I try to get to as many sporting events as possible.

That means a lot of time and money spent at different arenas in various parts of Southern California. Now yes that can get quite expensive as arena/stadium food is usually up sold to the hilt (cost a lot of money to microwave chicken fingers apparently), but one of the fun things about watching a game is knocking down a few dogs and drinking beer.

This is not a comprehensive list of everything you can eat at every ballpark just my top five of the best ballpark eat and some craptacular stuff that really shouldn’t marketed as edible food. Like Bill says, eat it Jamaal…I did.


Dodger Dogs: If you grew up in L.A. like I did going to Dodgers games in the summer, and you haven’t turned into dirty hipster vegan like Mike you probably enjoy a Dodger Dog. Well like a lot of things when we were kids, you realize somethings don’t taste as good when you grow to be an adult.

Unfortunately one of those things is Dodger Dogs, sorry but they are just crappy pork blend that is boiled and stuck in a soggy bun. If you have to get a hot dog at a Dodgers game make sure you get the all beef and asked that it be grilled, and no ketchup on a hot dog is never ok.

Chicken Tenders at Staples Center: For some reason the only place you can get these are at the BBQ stand next to the smoking balcony at Staples Center. These are barley edible and don’t resemble chicken, I don’t care how much BBQ sauce you slather it’s not worth it. Don’t buy this…

5. Dodgers Carne Asada Nacho Helmet

Nachos are good, nachos in a helmet are great, nachos slathered in nacho cheese topped with carne asada is one of the greatest things you can eat. The helmet makes it perfect for sharing with friends and significant others. Grab a fork because it’s hard to get with your fingers and the carne asada tops it off, like eating a street taco but from a helmet.

4. Blaze Pizza at Staples Center

Blaze Pizza is a franchise that’s been popping up through out the country where you get to do it yourself assembly line pizza style. Think Chipotle with pizza, at Staples you can get Blaze Pizza minus the DIY but surprisingly unlike pizza at other stadiums this one is actually good.

It’s a flat style pizza that doesn’t taste gross an microwaved, the crust is very crunchy as if it was coming out of a wood oven, the cheese is cheesy and the pepperoni has real bite. They also have the chicken BBQ version and plain cheese if you like.

3. Randy Jones Grill at Petco Park

This is a little bit of a cheat because you have to go to San Diego to get it, but I did have this while watching the Dodgers on the road. What I liked about it was besides hot dogs you could actually get sausages, I ordered an Italian sausage, it was perfectly grilled and place in an french roll with peppers and onions.

The reason I included this is because there really isn’t anything equivalent that I’ve come across in Southern California stadiums. LAFC and the Rams are building new stadiums hopefully they have a place where you can get something equivalent and give discerning palates something other than hot dogs.

2. Everything at StubHub Center

Again I’m cheating but frankly everythime I’ve been to the StubHub Center I get upset because there are so many great options for food and I can’t eat it all. I’ve had pizza, hot dogs, tacos and hamburgers they’ve all been great. They even have BBQ options, brisket sandwiches and pulled pork sandwiches both are great options. Even if you don’t like soccer or the San Die…err L.A. Chargers try to get down to StubHub and eat something it’s worth the money.

1. Classic Hits: Angel Stadium

The absolute best food I ate in the last year at a ballgame was a bacon and blue cheese burger from the Classic Hits concession stand in the 107 section of Angels Stadium. This wasn’t a hockey puck sitting under a heat lamp kind of burger, this was a fresh of the grill juicy grilled burger.

The burger was delicious topped off with blue cheese and bacon which gave it a great smokey flavor. My only wish was that I had ordered two of these things, but that would have meant a visit to the cardiologist. Just trust me when I say this if you find yourself at Angels Stadium look for this burger.



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