Eat it Jamaal: Fooding with Mike

IMG_0295 (Edited)

I’m back!!! Sorry for the long hiatus, I know the millions of you that read this were wondering what I have been eating lately. For this post we’re going to go back in time to a fun fooding trip last fall with What’s Bruin Show host/producer extraordinaire Mike Regalado.

Mike and I have a lot in common, we’re Mexicans who love Kings hockey and Twitter like crazy. But one thing Mike and I may differ is food. He’s a vegan and I’m the reincarnation of a T-Rex carnivore and all.

Thankfully there is a place that Mike and I can both enjoy for great food and brews. It’s called Mohawk Bend, a local microbrew that was one of the first signs of the changing neighborhood Echo Park.


Located in a converted movie theater (I saw E.T. and the Karate Kid there), Mohawk offers many vegan options that Mike likes and food for meat eaters like me. They also offer like 100 bottle of beer options but it’s really 70 on tap all coming from California.

We started the meal with what I consider a must have dish when you go and it’s vegan. The buffalo cauliflower served with vegan “blue cheese.” The texture is close to chicken you could easily be fooled by the authentic buffalo sauce taste. This is a great item to share, you have to get it if you visit the restaurant.



For our meal Mike went with the veggie burger, it comes with fries and according to Mike it is one of the better veggie burgers he’s eaten. I went with the fennel sausage pizza, Mohawk offers lots of pizza choices and they care cooked in a wood burning oven. That wood burning oven gives the pizza a great crunch. The sausage and tomato sauce are made in house giving the pizza a very fresh taste.


Of course our meal wouldn’t be complete without some brews. It being fall I went with a seasonal taste. I ordered a pint Pumpkin Pi, which you guessed it had that pumpkin spice flavor that’s everywhere once we get to autumn. It’s on the lighter side and went well with the spicier pizza.


Of course with so many options if you want something a bit hoppier ask for Sierra Nevada Pale Ale which is one of my personal favorites and also goes well with the pizza I ordered.

If you’re close to Downtown Los Angeles and want some good food and good drinks head over to Mohawk Bend, you might see Mike and I there again.




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