What’s Bruin 2: Electric Boogaloo – The College Football Interviews

We bring you What’s Bruin 2: Electric Boogaloo… The College Football Interviews. We talk recruiting, Sark and Virginia Football with Michael Hanna, Michael Castillo and the Radio Analyst for Virginia Football, Tony Covington.

In this special episode we bring you interviews leading up to the return of college football!!!

With the season starting on Thursday, September 3 and UCLA Football beginning on Saturday, September 5, we keep you occupied to help bridge that gap. That is where ‘What’s Bruin 2: Electric Boogaloo” comes in.

In this special episode we start off by talking to Go Joe Bruin writer and recruiting specialist Michael Hanna as he updates us on a few things that have occurred with UCLA Football recruiting in the last few weeks. Trust us, its is all good.

We then welcome back Reign of Troy managing editor Michael Castillo to talk about what is going on with USC Football Head Coach Steve Sarkisian.

Finally, Go Joe Bruin writer and What’s Bruin Show host, Jake Merrifield lands a huge interview and talks to former All-ACC defensive back for the Virginia Cavaliers, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and current Virginia radio analyst and host of the Virginia Huddlecast, Mr. Tony Covington. In this interview, we get a lot of insight about the state of Virginia football and what is to be expected at the Rose Bowl one week from today.

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What’s Bruin Show – Episode 69 Dudes!!!!!

In Episode 69 of the What’s Bruin Show we talk preseason rankings, rants, suspensions, injuries, fall camp and even a little Drunk-Sark.

We start things off by recapping fall camp at CSUSB and take a look at the good and the bad of UCLA Football’s highland scrimmage. One thing is for sure, the defense under new Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley looks good.

We then cut down the critics that think Head Coach Jim Mora‘s rant to freshman quarterback Josh Rosenwho is now the staring QB – went to far. No it did not.

We finish up our analysis of the preseason with a quick chat about the UCLA Football team’s #13 ranking, the suspension of Adrian Klemm and a short injury report.

We then have a bit of fun at the expense of USC Head Coach Steve Sarkisian after he had a not so good night over the weekend at the ‘Salute to Troy’.

We then end with our revised Pac-12 predictions (again) which are actually a bit shocking, especially our perception of the Pac-12 North.

All of this and more in Episode 69 (insert Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure joke here) of the podcast you all know and love, the What’s Bruin Show. Also available at Podomatic.comiTunes and Stitcher! We are now available on every platform including Android and Apple products, so come get some!

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