What’s Bruin Show: Mike’s 5 movies to watch over and over

Inspired by the podcast ‘The Rewatchables’, the What’s Bruin Show hosts dive into their most rewatchable movies and why you should too.

Sometimes you just feel like watching a movie. One that you have seen a million times before and one that you will watch a million times after. For some reason or another, there are certain movies that we can just watch for days on end and they will never get old.

For this piece, which I hope my WBS cohorts continue with and make this into a series or I am going to give them several hard stares at our next recording, I will give tell you about my five most rewatchable movies, in no special order.

And I will preface this by saying that none of the Star Wars movies are on this list because I want to talk about other movies. So for the sake of expanding your mind, let just say Star Wars is a given and move on to other rewatchable movies. Besides, Episodes I-III are crap and throw the canon out of balance. Also, fuck Jar Jar Binks.

SLC Punk

Yes it is a movie about punk rock in the 80s and its bloody magical. Set in the conservative city of Salt Lake City, this movie follows the adventures of two post-graduate punks and how they get survive in a city, and pretty much the world, that they absolutely hate. In trying to change the world, they find out that their “rip it up and start again lifestyle” has some snags in it.

What I love about this movie is how chaotic and, well, punk rock it is. As spastic as the cinematography is, it flows very well and matches the tone of the storyline that follows the slow evolution of the characters. It also has a killer soundtrack filled with punk songs that will get your toes tapping.

The Princess Bride

Chances are, you have heard of this movie, and why not? Its one of the greatest masterpieces in cinema history. From the ensemble cast to the cameos to the three dangers of the fire swamp (come on, you know them: flame spurts, lightning sand and the rodents of unusual size), this is a movie that never gets old.

I mean, it has fucking Andre the Giant in it. How badass is that?

The movie begins with a young Fred Savage sick at home, when his seemingly annoying grandfather played Peter Falk brings over a “kissing book”. What he does not realize is that he about to go on an adventure with very, very quotable lines.

In true fairy tale fashion, this story has its ups and downs but ends with the happiest of endings. If you haven’t seen it already, move away from your computer and find it.

Young Frankenstein

This is hands down, one of the greatest comedies of all-time. And kids, don’t let the black and white nature of the film fool you, it wasn’t made 100 years ago.

This movie plays off of the classic horror story “Frankenstein” but updates it as we follow the grandson of the great Dr. Frankenstein as he travels to Transylvania after the mad scientist grandfather’s death. Though he is skeptical of his grandfather and his work, Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced “Frahn-ken-steen”, played by Gene Wilder), he soon finds his destiny. And musical numbers.

This classic comedy is perfect, from the cinematography to the acting to the feel of a classic horror movie, but the only thing scary about this is how many people haven’t seen it. For god’s sake people, go out and get this movie and watch it 50 times. Side note, Aerosmith wrote the song “Walk This Way” based on a scene in the movie.

The Big Lebowski

“Fuck it!” That pretty much explains the attitude of this film’s anti-hero, “The Dude”. Set in 90s Los Angeles, “The Big Lebowski” is another wacky ride by the Coen Brothers that follows the “laziest man in Los Angeles County” as he is all of a sudden entangled in the problems of people that pretty much have self-inflicting problems.

This is another movie that has a who’s who of actors. Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julieanne Morre, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and John Turturro (just to name a few) who all play outlandish and mesmerizing characters that don’t seem to really do anything. Except bowling. And art. And porn.

The best thing about this movie is how there really isn’t a direction, which is probably why it is a great cult Los Angeles movie. I have seen this movie more than I can count and if you have seen it, you know why.

Coming To America

This is another movie that has an endless supply of one-liners that fans will repeat to the day they die. This is by far one of Eddie Murphy’s best films as he plays an African prince looking for organic love and not the synthetic coupling that is brought on by the law of his (fictional) country, Zamunda.

So instead of going through with his arranged marriage, Prince Akeem (Murphy) and his #1 guy, Semmi (Arsenio Hall), travel to America (NYC) in order to find his bride, though his father, King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones) thinks he is going to “sew his royal oats”.

Obviously, as the hop across the pond, comedy issues, but it is the comedy genius of Murphy that really shines as him and Hall play multiple characters in the movie which are all memorable and key to the progression of the film. This also has one of the greatest choreographed scenes (in my opinion) in movie history. Watch the above.

Honorable Mention

Pulp Fiction

Donnie Darko

The Dark Knight


The Breakfast Club